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Chasing Life (I’ve almost caught it)

Happy October!


  • I’ve completed my summer project list (only 2 months late).
  • I’m completely caught up on all CSBSJU projects and I’m moving into a slow period of the year.
  • I’m not ready for winter and am a bit freaked out that it was snowing over the weekend.
  • I’ve recently taken on 2 new projects with the LLC (details perhaps coming in the future)
  • Website work here and over at has resumed
    • I’m thinking of moving over to a generic wordpress theme to lighten my workload – thoughts or suggestions?
    • Video files are being switched over to HTML5 compatible formats slowly
    • I think I have eliminated all of the major bugs in this site. (please find something and prove me wrong)

Also I’m still not doing any better at keeping this place updated – still trying

A post – Yay!

Hey look I made a post!


Currently my entire life and everything that needs to be accomplished is still about 1 month+ behind schedule.

On the positive over the summer:

  • We completed the renovation of the Stephen B. Humphrey theater.
  • I put together a very successful (and pretty to look at) Centennial Kick off event for the College of St. Benedict. (Watch a video here)
  • I resided my 60 year old home.
  • In the past 3 months I’ve seen more interesting projects/opportunities come across my desks than I can physically accomplish.

On the less than positive:

  • most of my non-paid projects have fallen into a bit of disrepair.
  • During the theater renovation several upgrades were made that have added unforeseen challenges to my life that we’re still working on solutions for.  Perhaps one day I’ll write them down for you (because I’m doing so well at keeping this page updated – ha ha)
  • My work backlog is scary.  A realistic completion timeline (with no other work coming in) would be November. (yikes)


I would like to say keep an eye out for changes but at this point the completion of anything that doesn’t have a paycheck attached is TBD.


and that’s it for now.


P.S. spammers please stop registering to comment, you’re wasting everyone’s time since comments are moderated.

Goolge Photoshphere – Practical Use?

Because of the large upcoming changes I’ve started to review the tech specs for the SBH (Stephen B. Humphrey Theater – for those not in on the abbreviation).  Given the way the space is physically setup it’s hard to convey some of the lighting positions to outside designers.  We currently host some images of the space on Flickr but static images don’t always help.

Google (Android 4.2) introduced Photosphere which creates a dynamic sphere (globe) on which panoramic shots are overlaid.  Basically you are creating your own Google street view.  Ever since I first played with it I have been thinking it would be nice to integrate a sphere into the tech spec information.

Armed with a make shift tripod (a 2×4 & tie line) I gave it a serious try this morning and I would say the results are mixed.

The Escher Auditorium:

The BAC Glass Lobby & My Office:

The Escher also worked out fairly well but I had a lot of issues around the overhead lighting which I expected.

The sphere of my office turned out great but it was evenly lit and it’s a rather small room .

The Glass Lobby turned out pretty awful and it didn’t help that I couldn’t really see the screen either in the sunlight.

I think with a little practice and background knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, you could get consistently reliable results.  The only problem left is the lack of a real plugin for playback, which is why the above examples are just links.  Currently as far as I can tell Photospheres can only be posted to Google+ or submitted to Google Maps, which may or may not post them.

So dear Google please create an embedded web viewer for Photospheres – Thanks

(yes, I expect that someone or a robot at Google is reading my posts).


2 years ago


Next week (3/7/2013) this blog and the current version of the website will turn 2.


Since I’ve failed miserably at the idea of constantly providing new content I have now decided to try a new direction.


  • Posts dates are no longer displayed – the giant spaces and gaps made the whole thing look a bit sad
  • Every month there will be at least 1 post – even if it says “Hey look at me I wrote a sentence” (I hope to be a bit more creative than that).
  • I’m blocking off 6 hours of my life every month to review and update sections of the main site. – It’s not much but starting small is better than nothing.

Other Stuff:

I hope to have updated the Magic of Jared Sherlock section of my portfolio by the end of March.

This summer one of the venues I manage (Stephen B. Humphrey Theater @ St. John’s University) will be undergoing a large systems update (rigging, electrical & lighting).  I hope to write/document as much of the process as I can.  Since we started planning 2 years ago I’m already behind but I should be able to catch up by the start date of May 27.

Since I still haven’t nailed down copyright permissions on several of the (TV/Film) items in my portfolio after over a year I may be removing them – TBD

*Crossing my fingers that I can stick to it this time around*