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Managing your online presence / Online Reputation Management (ORM) {2}

[Part 2]

Positive Information

In the last post I talked about some of the possible solutions to eliminating and hiding information that you would rather keep hidden online.  On the other side of the coin is positive information which you obviously want to bring more attention to. This does not really require any management, but if you point a spotlight at it and drive more traffic to an item it is more likely to stay on top of the search results.

Helping an item stay in search results can be done simply by:

  • Searching (Google) the information periodically, clicking through and leaving the page open for a few minutes (leaving immediately can lead the search engine to assume that you were looking for something else)
  • Linking to it from other pages
  • Visit it directly from multiple locations/computers
  • Get your friends and family to visit
  • Comment on it to keep the page active

These steps do not guarantee that an item will stay popular or relevant but will help in keyword searches specific to you.

Neutral information

Not bad, not good, not too much to worry about. Essentially you can consider this to be just noise or a digital trail left by you.  Whether you worry about this or just let it exist and slide off your radar depends on a few things.

Is this information that could eventually change and present a positive or negative?

You should keep an eye on it just in case.


Do you think there is any way that the information could help you?

If there’s a chance of it being useful why not take a few extra minutes to try and keep it relevant in the search results.


Is it so mundane that no one will ever want to read it?

Then it’s just digital noise for someone to cut through when searching for you.  If no one ever reads the page it’s likely to disappear from searches over time.


I’m going to stop there for today, for more information on ORM you can check out any of the 20+ books written in the past 3 years at Amazon/your local book store or just Google ORM.  Part III Internet Common Sense is up next.


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