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I’ve got a domain name – Now what?

I’m running a bit short on time so I’m going to be brief and will pick this up again next week.

Now what? It’s time to start putting your website together.  Choose Two:

Fast-Good-Cheap Triangle - You can only pick 2 points

If you could do good, fast and cheap you’re probably an accomplished web designer and aren’t reading this.

So your options are:

Good & Fast

You’re paying someone to do the work for you or have a friend (or plan on making one) who does web design and is willing to help you get started.

Good & Cheap

You’re building it yourself and probably need to learn a whole lot more about websites, design, programming and hosting, (good news that’s where we’re eventually headed).  Also you have a lot of time (weeks maybe months) to work on this.

Cheap & Fast

Using a prefab program or blogging site that’s likely free/ad supported.  This may not yield the best results but it is user friendly and it will be done much faster and cheaper than the other two options.


But before you start making any final decisions on how you’re going to get your website built though, you need to have a rough idea of what the site needs to do now and what you might want it to do in the future.


Answer the following questions:

What do you want the site to accomplish and what does the end product look like?

You need to have clearly defined starting goals.  Is it a digital portfolio, an advertisement for your services, documentation of your in progress works or a combination of these items.

What are you going to be posting?

Resume, Pictures, Video, Sound Files, Text files?

How much space do you need?

Are you going post all of your work online?  How many GB does it take up on your computer currently? {On the web it will likely need slightly less space as items are optimized to be smaller so they download faster – but we’ll get to that later}.

Do you have browser/access requirements?

Does your site need to be fully accessible via mobile devices?   What about touch screen devices/tablets?

Do you want to run any interactive features on your site?

A blog, forums, or interactive flash/image elements?  These will require SQL databases and side server processing which can add complexity and cost.

How much are you willing to spend monthly/yearly to run and maintain your website?

Consider both money and time.  How much is your time worth to you?  As a note of clarification cheap in this case doesn’t always = free but Time always = Money.


Once you have the answers to all of these questions and can articulate what your site is going to be, you can start to have a conversation with someone about building it.  If this is not the option you wish to pursue as it is the most expensive next we’re going to look at the other choices:

Cheap & Fast


Good & Cheap

Either way you’re going to be doing the work yourself.


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