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R.I.P. Panorama Media Server

It recently came to my attention via a rash of emails (and I confirmed via phone) that Rose Brand has officially discontinued selling the Panorama Media Server which for them at this point and time makes sense.  I’ll be updating the information on the site in the next couple of days to reflect this change as well.

So with Panorama gone what are the other options for an affordable DMX controlled media server?

To my knowledge not a whole lot sadly.  ArKaos has the A05, A10 and now A30 media servers which are essentially evolved Panorama’s using their new Media Master software at a fairly steeper price.  PRG sells the units here in the US if you’re looking to buy/rent one.

If you have/had a Panorama and you loved it I’m happy to hear it, if you hated it I’m sorry I would have loved to make it a better machine but that wasn’t in the cards at the time.

I’m happy to answer basic (read quickly answered) tech support questions for the units out there if you have them.

I am still in the business of churning out an officially unnamed (jokingly called at times the Amaronap and Black Rose) BlueKaos media server if really needed on occasion, but in exchange for rather low pricing I offer no technical support.  It is after all just a custom built computer with off the shelf parts strung together using mostly commercial software purchased from ArKaos (Media Master) and Innovate Show Controls (Bluelite).  The custom strings that make it all work together are relatively simple add-ons.

In the near future after I make a few more calls/emails I hope to be posting basic information and all of the files necessary on how to build your own low cost easy to use BlueKaos DMX controlled media server.

Until then send questions here or drop them into the comments

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