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Building a website: cheap and fast

As I’ve previously mentioned there are free and ad supported options available that you can use to get a site up and running quickly the general drawbacks are generally limits on layout, design and possibly “free” space available.  Below is a list of 3 sites with some high and low points.  All of these sites use a Freemium business model.



Officially defined as a microblogging service but many artists still use it as a place to host image portfolios.

Site is hosted at and currently there are no published data limits

You can get and Tumblr even allows you to use your own domain name at no charge

There is very limited technical support

Recently Tumblr has been experiencing more down time and outages due to its rise in popularity




Owned and run by Google which allows easy integration with existing services

Site is hosted at and Google allows you to use your own domain name easily at no charge

Large technical support resources provided by Google

There are limitations to the number of pages and the amount of data that can be hosted without a paid upgrade

Design choices are somewhat limited without more advanced knowledge of html coding



Open source code project run and maintained by the WordPress community

There are Two Choices:

I use this to power my blog, it is fully customizable but it requires a web host and some programming knowledge.  I will talk more about this version in an upcoming post.  To learn more now visit the about page.

Uses code with some add-ons

Site is hosted at with 3GB of storage space

All posts and pages are easily transferrable to another site making it easy to switch over to a

Excellent step by step tutorials, guides and user forums to get you started reserves the right to place ads on your site

You cannot use your own domain name without paying for premium service

Limited design options without paid upgrade


Bonus site for MN students/educators/residents


50Mb of free space

Complete WSYWIG page design

Visit site for more details


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