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Building a website: good & cheap

I’ve been going over my notes and my old syllabus for a few months, trying to come up with a way to put this information into a concise post that would be helpful to people starting from scratch.  So far this is all I have:

{see nothing helpful}

The struggle begins with the fact that the amount of basic information is almost overwhelming and I find for myself that it is much easier to explain when everyone is sitting in the same room.  So I have been avoiding the topic, which essentially leads me to neglecting the entire site.  So at this point to get myself moving forward again I have decided to provide a series of links that explain web/website basics and I will eventually in the future move forward from there.

Before you start to build a website you need to understand basic terms, how the internet works and learn a few basic pieces of code.  I know in the age of WYSIWYG site building software (Dreamweaver) knowing code is not required, but being able to at the very least muddle through reading bits of code is extremely useful even when building the most basic of websites.

The best site building resource on the web in my opinion is W3 Schools.  This site covers the entire range of information available, starting from a very basic Web Building Primer through more complex coding such as JavaScript and jQuery.

This site does not touch on using programs such as Dreamweaver (which I also recommend and use myself) but I believe it is an excellent starting point.

I’m going to take some time off of this topic and will revisit it at some point in the future.  Questions, comments?  Let me know below or catch me on Twitter.

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