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Busy, Busy, Busy…

Taking a break from the madness to make this post and make some site updates, which according to my calendar I should have done 3 months ago (oops).

{In addition to my regular work at CSBSJU}

I’ve finalized the creation of an LLC – AjD Technical Design & Production LLC.  I can now take on much larger side projects.

Currently I’m doing the complete production design for a talented young magician named Jared Sherlock. His 2012 summer tour is kicking off the first week in May and I’m pretty excited about the project, it’s provided me with some unique challenges and opportunities.  The project includes LEDs, projections, odd shaped screens and a new prototype build of a BlueKaos Panorama media server.  Once the server is finalized I plan to document the build process and provide system details on the site so you can build your own (or pay me to do it for you).  At it’s base it will still utilize ArKaos MediaMaster and BlueLite X1 software with a special UI.

I may will also be doing a panel at USITT (Long Beach  3/28-3/31) with K.C. Hooper from Apollo Design Technology on video projections but need to shore up some details on my end before that’s confirmed (hopefully by the end of the week).  More information on this coming soon.


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