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Recommended: Codecademy

I’ve been aware of Codecademy for some time and found it to personally be a useful resource.  The site offers interactive courses and tutorials aimed at teaching code to someone with no prior knowledge. When the site started less than a year ago it only offered courses JavaScript but it has been growing quickly and as of the count I did today, there are more than 45 courses.

In April Codecademy added HTML & CSS courses to the site.  I ran through the first course of HTML Fundamentals out of curiosity and was very impressed. The course times vary by topic but HTML Fundamentals only took me about 30 minutes to get through,  on average I would plan about an hour for a topic where you have no experience.

I will most likely run through all of the HTML and CSS courses in the next few weeks (there are currently 8 ) just to see where and how far they go. For a teaching tool I can’t say enough about this site, I will be using it to teach and recommending it to students as a good place to learn the basics when building their own websites.

Also for fun it has an achievement system the downside is there’s no way to currently share it.

Learn to Code at Codecademy

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