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2 years ago


Next week (3/7/2013) this blog and the current version of the website will turn 2.


Since I’ve failed miserably at the idea of constantly providing new content I have now decided to try a new direction.


  • Posts dates are no longer displayed – the giant spaces and gaps made the whole thing look a bit sad
  • Every month there will be at least 1 post – even if it says “Hey look at me I wrote a sentence” (I hope to be a bit more creative than that).
  • I’m blocking off 6 hours of my life every month to review and update sections of the main site. – It’s not much but starting small is better than nothing.

Other Stuff:

I hope to have updated the Magic of Jared Sherlock section of my portfolio by the end of March.

This summer one of the venues I manage (Stephen B. Humphrey Theater @ St. John’s University) will be undergoing a large systems update (rigging, electrical & lighting).  I hope to write/document as much of the process as I can.  Since we started planning 2 years ago I’m already behind but I should be able to catch up by the start date of May 27.

Since I still haven’t nailed down copyright permissions on several of the (TV/Film) items in my portfolio after over a year I may be removing them – TBD

*Crossing my fingers that I can stick to it this time around*

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