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Goolge Photoshphere – Practical Use?

Because of the large upcoming changes I’ve started to review the tech specs for the SBH (Stephen B. Humphrey Theater – for those not in on the abbreviation).  Given the way the space is physically setup it’s hard to convey some of the lighting positions to outside designers.  We currently host some images of the space on Flickr but static images don’t always help.

Google (Android 4.2) introduced Photosphere which creates a dynamic sphere (globe) on which panoramic shots are overlaid.  Basically you are creating your own Google street view.  Ever since I first played with it I have been thinking it would be nice to integrate a sphere into the tech spec information.

Armed with a make shift tripod (a 2×4 & tie line) I gave it a serious try this morning and I would say the results are mixed.

The Escher Auditorium:

The BAC Glass Lobby & My Office:

The Escher also worked out fairly well but I had a lot of issues around the overhead lighting which I expected.

The sphere of my office turned out great but it was evenly lit and it’s a rather small room .

The Glass Lobby turned out pretty awful and it didn’t help that I couldn’t really see the screen either in the sunlight.

I think with a little practice and background knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, you could get consistently reliable results.  The only problem left is the lack of a real plugin for playback, which is why the above examples are just links.  Currently as far as I can tell Photospheres can only be posted to Google+ or submitted to Google Maps, which may or may not post them.

So dear Google please create an embedded web viewer for Photospheres – Thanks

(yes, I expect that someone or a robot at Google is reading my posts).


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