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A post – Yay!

Hey look I made a post!


Currently my entire life and everything that needs to be accomplished is still about 1 month+ behind schedule.

On the positive over the summer:

  • We completed the renovation of the Stephen B. Humphrey theater.
  • I put together a very successful (and pretty to look at) Centennial Kick off event for the College of St. Benedict. (Watch a video here)
  • I resided my 60 year old home.
  • In the past 3 months I’ve seen more interesting projects/opportunities come across my desks than I can physically accomplish.

On the less than positive:

  • most of my non-paid projects have fallen into a bit of disrepair.
  • During the theater renovation several upgrades were made that have added unforeseen challenges to my life that we’re still working on solutions for.  Perhaps one day I’ll write them down for you (because I’m doing so well at keeping this page updated – ha ha)
  • My work backlog is scary.  A realistic completion timeline (with no other work coming in) would be November. (yikes)


I would like to say keep an eye out for changes but at this point the completion of anything that doesn’t have a paycheck attached is TBD.


and that’s it for now.


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