Adam j

Chasing Life (I’ve almost caught it)

Happy October!


  • I’ve completed my summer project list (only 2 months late).
  • I’m completely caught up on all CSBSJU projects and I’m moving into a slow period of the year.
  • I’m not ready for winter and am a bit freaked out that it was snowing over the weekend.
  • I’ve recently taken on 2 new projects with the LLC (details perhaps coming in the future)
  • Website work here and over at has resumed
    • I’m thinking of moving over to a generic wordpress theme to lighten my workload – thoughts or suggestions?
    • Video files are being switched over to HTML5 compatible formats slowly
    • I think I have eliminated all of the major bugs in this site. (please find something and prove me wrong)

Also I’m still not doing any better at keeping this place updated – still trying

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