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About this Section


You’ve found the about page through the menu or by clicking some other link out on the web, in which case please click any of the items in the above menu to learn more about me and my work.

Why WordPress (WP)?

Much like I stated in the first post was in need of a serious revamp of its structure.  Given that I have 2 children under the age of 4 I decided to utilize WP to lighten the long term work load.  I will agree that the current theme (which I wrote myself) is not he most elegant or advanced but it does closely resemble the appearance of which was the goal.  My hope is that by using an integrated content management system like WP I’ll keep items more up to date.

What you will find here

The primary function is to provide news regarding and any information or updates on interesting projects that I’m currently involved with.  Beyond that I may expand to writing about other items that interest me such as technology, electronics, and my day to day adventures.  At this point I expect there will be an ongoing evolution on the page which will likely include some trial and error posts.

Are you reading this?

Also if there’s some information that you the person reading this would like to know more about (assuming that it’s information I have), let me know.  Obviously a blog to no one about topics of my choosing is less valuable than a blog followed by a few who are truly interested in the information.  Ideas can be posted as comments (requires registration) or be emailed directly here.

Thanks for reading.