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Recommended: Codecademy

I’ve been aware of Codecademy for some time and found it to personally be a useful resource.  The site offers interactive courses and tutorials aimed at teaching code to someone with no prior knowledge. When the site started less than a year ago it only offered courses JavaScript but it has been growing quickly and as of […]

Building a website: good & cheap

I’ve been going over my notes and my old syllabus for a few months, trying to come up with a way to put this information into a concise post that would be helpful to people starting from scratch.  So far this is all I have: {see nothing helpful} The struggle begins with the fact that the amount […]

Building a website: cheap and fast

As I’ve previously mentioned there are free and ad supported options available that you can use to get a site up and running quickly the general drawbacks are generally limits on layout, design and possibly “free” space available.  Below is a list of 3 sites with some high and low points.  All of these sites […]

I’ve got a domain name – Now what?

I’m running a bit short on time so I’m going to be brief and will pick this up again next week. Now what? It’s time to start putting your website together.  Choose Two: If you could do good, fast and cheap you’re probably an accomplished web designer and aren’t reading this. So your options are: […]