Adam j

Chasing Life (I’ve almost caught it)

Happy October! THINGS: I’ve completed my summer project list (only 2 months late). I’m completely caught up on all CSBSJU projects and I’m moving into a slow period of the year. I’m not ready for winter and am a bit freaked out that it was snowing over the weekend. I’ve recently taken on 2 new […]

A post – Yay!

Hey look I made a post!   Currently my entire life and everything that needs to be accomplished is still about 1 month+ behind schedule. On the positive over the summer: We completed the renovation of the Stephen B. Humphrey theater. I put together a very successful (and pretty to look at) Centennial Kick off […]

Goolge Photoshphere – Practical Use?

Because of the large upcoming changes I’ve started to review the tech specs for the SBH (Stephen B. Humphrey Theater – for those not in on the abbreviation).  Given the way the space is physically setup it’s hard to convey some of the lighting positions to outside designers.  We currently host some images of the […]


I’ve done it again. Please note class this is why a blog may be a bad idea for your website, as you can see May 18 was a very long a time ago. Today is November 1 and I’m going to give it another try (keep your fingers crossed)