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Goolge Photoshphere – Practical Use?

Because of the large upcoming changes I’ve started to review the tech specs for the SBH (Stephen B. Humphrey Theater – for those not in on the abbreviation).  Given the way the space is physically setup it’s hard to convey some of the lighting positions to outside designers.  We currently host some images of the […]

Recommended: Codecademy

I’ve been aware of Codecademy for some time and found it to personally be a useful resource.  The site offers interactive courses and tutorials aimed at teaching code to someone with no prior knowledge. When the site started less than a year ago it only offered courses JavaScript but it has been growing quickly and as of […]

Post USITT Post

Well last week was pretty crazy. I got to sit down with several colleagues I haven’t seen in years (before, after & late into the night after the conference) I sat in on multiple commission meetings where I picked up a few new side projects & pitched a few session ideas. I spoke about using a media server to […]