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Chasing Life (I’ve almost caught it)

Happy October! THINGS: I’ve completed my summer project list (only 2 months late). I’m completely caught up on all CSBSJU projects and I’m moving into a slow period of the year. I’m not ready for winter and am a bit freaked out that it was snowing over the weekend. I’ve recently taken on 2 new […]

A post – Yay!

Hey look I made a post!   Currently my entire life and everything that needs to be accomplished is still about 1 month+ behind schedule. On the positive over the summer: We completed the renovation of the Stephen B. Humphrey theater. I put together a very successful (and pretty to look at) Centennial Kick off […]

2 years ago

Next week (3/7/2013) this blog and the current version of the website will turn 2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Since I’ve failed miserably at the idea of constantly providing new content I have now decided to try a new direction. Changes: Posts dates are no longer displayed – the giant spaces and gaps made the whole thing look a bit […]


I’ve done it again. Please note class this is why a blog may be a bad idea for your website, as you can see May 18 was a very long a time ago. Today is November 1 and I’m going to give it another try (keep your fingers crossed)