Adam j

Running Behind – Again…

Very strange in the last week I’ve seen a 75% increase in new traffic from Google referrals which triggered an email alert, which made me realize several sections of the site say more details coming soon (or May 1).  Today is May 18, the last major set of updates was March 29 oops… I’ve fallen […]

USITT Update

Running a bit behind this week at USITT (Huge increase in web traffic in the last 2 days – thanks new visitors) Major Updates to the BlueKaos coming tonight – features & tech specs almost done Having a great time seeing people this week I will be talking about the conference more on Twitter @_AjD […]

USITT & Updates

Even though my name didn’t make it onto the official program or website I will be presenting on a panel at USITT in Long Beach. Static & Video Projection of Scenery on your Stage Friday3/30/12 from 8:00am – 9:15am Room 101B I will have a BlueKaos DMX media server at the session and we will talk […]

Site Changes and Updates

It only took a year but I’m finally getting around to cleaning up sections of the site that I improperly built {read screwed up} the first time around. I’ve cleaned out the news/blog so that the only posts remaining are relevant to something, not just aimless rambling. Want to help?  Take a look around the site and […]